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Our Theme Day for October.

Linda Ball and Forrest Preece (LB and FFP) have been posting for the Austin, Texas Daily Photo blog since May 17, 2007. They are both “artfully retired” and enjoy living in their condo in a downtown Austin high rise.

They chose “shelter” as the theme for October because it can apply to so many examples – from a bird’s nest in a rural setting, to a couple dodging rain under a porch in a small city, to a shaded alfresco restaurant in Paris. (Or umbrellas set up on a construction site as you see here.)

Forrest and Linda are curious to see how their City Daily Photo friends interpret the theme of “shelter.”


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I wonder where  LB and FFP from Austin, Texas Daily Photo   will find shelter today?  Don't forget to thank them for this theme suggestion by paying them a visit! ...



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